We have everything you need to know for back-to-school!

Good Monday morning! It's August 27, the first day of school for several districts! This is Christine Nelson sending you a quick email to let you know we have you covered today with live reports on what to expect on the first day including weather and traffic updates to get you out the door hassle free!

Of course there will be more to look out for on this first day of traffic. More cars and buses will be on the road and of course more foot traffic as students are walking to school. WBTV's Astrid Martinez is on your side with a warning from police who say you will see a big presence of officers near schools looking for speeders. She also has report from one neighborhood where a much-needed crosswalk was installed that drivers will especially have to take notice of. She explains why.

Our Dedrick Russell landed an interview with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools new superintendent Heath Morrison. He will talk to him live on our show. It's a big day for Dr. Morrison, who is trying to turn the district and teacher morale around. Dedrick will bring that interview to us live. Our coverage expands to Gaston County, Union County and Burke County with interviews from superintendents in those respective districts as well!

We're also following tropical storm Isaac, who we will be calling Hurricane Isaac very soon. Because of the storm we have the latest changes to the Republican National Convention schedule. Candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be accepting the nomination earlier than usual. But we found out it's not all because of the impending storm, there's also concern about a former rival's supporters who plan to be at the RNC.

There is other news that has happened overnight while you were sleeping will get you caught up on that as well. See you on the air!


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