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Cost of daycare soars across region, Parents struggle to keep up


The modern day woman can to do it all, cook, clean, work and care for their children.

Reality for most is that at least one of these factors has to be compromised.

"It's a tough decision do I work or do I stay at home," mother of two Christine Kouri.

When Christine had her children she thought about quitting her job after factoring in the rising cost of child care.

"I think child care prices are crazy, they're astronomical," said Chirstine.

Fortunately she was able to afford daycare although at a whopping cost of $13,000 a year, and believe it or not that's' very close to the average rate.

"In Mecklenburg County the average cost for infant care is over ten thousand dollars a year and in a family child care home it's nearly $8,000, so that's a significant cost," said Janet Singerman the President of Child Care Resources Inc.

We found the cost of child care is higher than the average cost of rent.

"Actually in all three counties it's $9,492," said Singerman.

"Again the cost of infant child care for one child is more than the average cost of rent in our three county areas."

Daycare is also more expensive than a college education.

"The average cost of college tuition and fees at a public university in North Carolina is $5685.00," said Singerman.

And although child care is expensive for families Singerman says "It's really very important to invest in high quality child care because all of the research tells us that the critical years to brain development are birth to three."

There are child care subsidy programs but that's only if you meet some very strict requirements and income guidelines.

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