Help for light rail riders during DNC

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Starting Monday, Sept. 3rd through Wednesday Sept. 5th, the Lynx Blue Line will stop running at the Stonewall Street Station, right by the Westin hotel. Other than that, CATS official Jean Leier says you can largely expect business as usual.

"If you usually travel on a bike, if you have your briefcase, your bag going to school, you will be able to travel the same way as you usually do," she says.

But one change regular light rail riders like Terrance Tate want to see during the DNC, "Extra security!" he says.

We met several riders today who said they'd avoid the light rail during the convention, in part, because of safety concerns, like rowdy protestors.

"That would be one of the reasons for staying away," says Charlotte resident Kay Sitton, "and yes, I think there's going to be some of that. There's going to be probably demonstrations…"

Leier says CATS will have it covered, though: "You will definitely see an extra security presence along the line. And she also said there will be more employees on the ground to answer questions.  CATS is calling them ambassadors, and WBTV got an exclusive look at what they'll be wearing.

"They will all be wearing bright yellow T-shirts," Leier says. "On the front it says, 'How may I help you," and on the back it has 'Transit Ambassador," so look for the people in these yellow shirts and they will be able to help you out with whatever you need."