FBI, Homeland Security report says anarchists could use explosives at DNC

Good Wednesday evening everyone, it is Chris from the WBTV Web Desk with a look at some of the stories you'll see tonight on the 11 o'clock news with Paul Cameron and Molly Grantham.

First - a joint warning tonight from the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Homeland Security shows that some anarchist extremist could be willing to go to dangerous levels during the Democratic National Convention here in Charlotte - and the Republican National Convention next week in Tampa.

Click here to see how the RNC could be a dry run for what we could see here in Charlotte.

Also tonight, WBTV's Brigida Mack met a sweet dog named Lelu - abused and left abandoned in a local park. Lelu's vet says she has one of the worst cases of mange that they have ever seen.

We'll tell you how you can help police catch whoever did this to Lelu.

Plus... why is a woman from Pennsylvania hiding out in North Carolina?  Spiders... and lots of them.  Her house is full of brown recluse spiders, so she decided to high-tail it to the Tar heel state.

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