What could the Carolinas see from Isaac?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - All eyes are on Tropical Storm Isaac, which is forecast to hit Florida this weekend.  After that, it could head for the Carolinas.

Wednesday night, the storm moved over the Leeward Islands with winds of about 45 mph.  In the Caribbean Sea, sea surface temperatures are warm and wind shear is low, meaning it's likely the storm will strengthen as it moves toward the United States.

Tropical storm and hurricane warnings are in effect for much of the Caribbean.

The National Hurricane Center is forecasting the storm will hit the Florida coast just below hurricane strength, with sustained winds of about 70 mph.  Significant flooding is also forecast when the storm moves ashore Sunday evening.  

After that, it could curve Northeast, riding along a frontal boundary moving in from the West.  If the storm manages to hold together long enough after moving inland, that could mean winds as strong as 30 mph and several inches of rain.  Our biggest concern by far would be flooding.

We'll continue to track Isaac, and you can, too.  Click here for the very latest on the storm.