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Charlotte buys $10 million policy to cover potential lawsuits by DNC protestors


One thing is certain about the Democratic National Convention: there will be lots of police and lots of protestors. City officials say they've bought a 10-million dollar insurance policy just in case there are problems.

Robert Hagemann, Charlotte's City Attorney says, "we hope not to have to use the policy but in the event there are lawsuits and claims that require resources we don't have in house, the insurance company provides those."

During the 2008 DNC in Denver, police and demonstrators clashed. Three years later, the city of Denver settled a lawsuit for $200,000 for violating the constitutional rights of an unidentified person who was arrested during a mass arrest.

In Charlotte, on Sunday September 2nd, protestors are scheduled to meet at Frazier Park for a rally, then march on West 4th to South Cedar to West Trade and onto South College. From there demonstrators will go onto West Stonewall and back on West Trade and then West Fourth.

It's possible anarchists will try to do whatever they want - on the protest route and elsewhere around the city.

The City Attorney says the insurance policy "covers the city and its officers for any claims or lawsuits related to law enforcement activity. So it can range from excessive force claims to false arrest claims... anything that people would typically claim police have done wrong... insurance policy covers this."

The premiums are paid out of the security grant from the federal government. The city of Tampa also bought a law enforcement liability policy ahead of the Republican National Convention - which is scheduled to start next week.

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