Suspect implicates self in a deadly domestic

It's Wednesday, August 22. This is Christine Nelson writing you this email from my desk in the newsroom. There is a lot to cover on WBTV News This Morning. Tune us in from 4:30-7:00 a.m. so you're caught up on the news that happened overnight.

LIVE: We have the latest details on a deadly domestic dispute in Union County. This case might be buttoned up pretty fast though and here's why. Only our cameras were rolling as the suspect was being taken into jail by police. We'll air what the suspect said that sounds like a confession to the crime! Our Cam Man Ron Lee is on this story this morning. He'll give you all the details in a live report.

It's modern day slavery and the problem is happening here in North Carolina! We're talking about human trafficking. Our Astrid Martinez has an in-depth report about how women and children are being victimized. She is on your side with the help that is offered here for victims as well.

With the DNC around the corner, the Secret Service is investigating threats made against President Barack Obama.

Also, another round of schools in North and South Carolina officially start classes today! Are you ready? We're on your side making sure you get out the door on time. Meteorologist Al Conklin has the back-to-school forecast ready for you and Tonya Rivens will let you know where the problem spots are on the commute. We'll have Sky 3 in the air watching the roads as well... so it's safe to say you'll get the most reliable updates from us!

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