ABC Board warning establishments to "stock up" ahead of DNC

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There's been plenty of discussion about getting people in and out of the security perimeter which will be set up in Uptown during the Democratic National Convention.

However, some bar and restaurant owners are thinking about how they'll get liquor in and out so they can cater to all of the DNC guests.

The Alcohol Beverage Control board is telling bars to stock up now, especially if their DNC drink menu is different than their normal one.

At Valhalla, which is just a few blocks from Bank of America stadium, they've been ordering a few extra bottles each week to stock up.

"Six weeks ago I thought this wasn't a big deal but I guess as we get closer to the time it gets us all a little more nervous. We don't want to get caught without having enough so we have to do a good job ordering the last week before the event so we can avoid any issues," said Jennifer Kurilko, General Manager of Valhalla.

That's what the staff at the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board are hoping all bar and restaurant owners do. They are well stocked with the Top 100 types of liquor, what they consider the best sellers.

"We are going to have extra trucks coming in with more of the popular product just to make sure we don't run out of that," said Mary Ward, the ABC Community Relations Director.

What they're worried about bars which decide at the last minute to offer "specialty drinks" which use types of liquor that are less common.

"If they normally only order one bottle a year or one or two cases of something and suddenly they want 10 cases of that item that's what we need to hear from them in advance," Ward added.

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