Local biz looks for lasting effect from DNC

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Bite Your Tongue is a New Orleans-style family restaurant.

"It's me, my husband, my kids, my mother and just a lot of friends that help out quite a bit," says owner Martine Johnson.

All of whom have been rushing round the clock to get ready for the DNC.

"Yes, we have," says Johnson. "And we have secured the Louisiana delegates. We'll be taking care of them for breakfast and dinner for four days."

Monday was a soft opening. "We working out the kinks…" Johnson says.

And it was a little stressful, but she says it's worth it – after closing another small business last year, the Johnson's think the DNC will be like a rebirth.

"Being open for the DNC will definitely boost us right back to where we were," Johnson says.

She is one of many with high hopes for lasting effects from the convention. Mayor Anthony Foxx and the DNC Host Committee have been talking legacy - holding volunteer events and nutritional programs at schools - all in the name of the convention. They say the events will spur lasting change.

"I'm all for children having a better understanding of nutrition, but to think that a one week event is going to transform the eating habits of children. To my way of thinking it's just naive," says Dan Morrill, of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission…

"How many people out there can even tell you where the Democratic National Convention was four years ago?" he asks, adding that there has not been evidence of lasting change at other host cities. "I'm just skeptical about its long range impact."

But some improvements are straight-forward. These security cameras put in for the DNC will stay.

As for Johnson...she hopes the out of towners in for the DNC will go home hooked on her food.

"We spoke to a company the other day," she says. "They do dry-ice shipping."