Clothes in your closet could be cash in your hand!

Your clothes mean cash on the spot

CHARLOTTE (WBTV)  A new resale clothing store opened in Charlotte two weeks ago and I have to admit, I was waiting outside for the doors to open.  Clothes Mentor is on Kings Drive and the concept is based on the same idea as Plato's Closet.  Women can shop at the store as well as sell their clothing for cash on the spot.

Owner Sean Cox admits they are picky when it comes to buying clothing.  They want items that are not more than two years old.  The clothing has to be gently worn, no stains, in really good condition basically.  They will look at your items and make you an offer for what they are willing to buy.  And hand you cash on the spot.

I met Kathleen Smith was selling clothes when I met her. "I sold some dresses that I haven't worn in you know a year.  That's the way that I think if I haven't worn them in a year then I'm gonna sell them," Smith told me.  She made $56.00 while I was there.

Michelle Finnigan was on the hunt for jeans.  "I am just always looking for bargains and I mean you can't beat these prices right here ," Finnigan told me.  She found a nice pair.  Most are priced below twenty dollars.

Clothes Mentor is open seven days a week, so if you get in the organizing mood, make sure you take a good look at what you're getting rid of.  You might just have some cash waiting for you!

If you are cleaning out your closet and your clothing will not sell, please consider the Assistance League Thrift Shop as a great place for donation. 

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