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Charlotte - Mecklenburg schools fixing stadiums

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte - Mecklenburg School (CMS) district is paying the price to fix three high school stadiums. The stadiums in need of repair are at West Mecklenburg, West Charlotte, and Myers Park high school. An inspector deemed those stadiums' wooden bleachers as unsafe. So far CMS has spent about $200,000 on the project and that cost is expected to rise.

"We have to find out in each stadium that is affected," CMS Project Manager Todd Sherill said. "What is it going to make them correct, hopefully once - instead of fix, fix, fix."

CMS is using aluminum bleachers as a temporary fix until the district can determine how much it will be to permanently make the stadiums completely compliant.

The temporary bleachers have cut down on the amount of people who can come to a game. The temporary bleachers are located on the visitor's side of the stadiums at Myers Park and West Meck. At West Charlotte High, there are two sections in need of repair.

At Myers Park HS, the visitor side used to seat about 1000 people, now with the bleachers, only up to 400 people can be seated.

This has forced some of Myers Park HS and other school's home games to be played elsewhere and not on the players' home field.

"It's a big disappointment to the kids," CMS Parent Loretta Harris said. "Cause everybody wants to be on their own field. It's about the game, so we're just going to turn whatever stadium we're at, we'll turn it into Myers Park."

CMS says the temporary seating is about 90% complete at the stadiums.

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