See, Click, Fix: Shopping center agrees to make handicap ramp more accessible

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Getting to the U.S. Post Office at Park Road Shopping Center in Charlotte just got a little harder for some folks.

So they called on See, Click, Fix for help. Fran sent us a post on the See, Click Fix page at "A few months ago they repaired the ramp and moved it. Someone in a wheelchair cannot utilize the ramp."

She's exactly right.

We visited Park Road Shopping Center during the lunch hour. The post office is right next to the Harris Teeter with a the handicap ramp in front.

The problem is there is a parking spot directly in front of the ramp!

When someone parks there, as was the case when we were there, there is no way someone in a wheelchair can use it.

We contacted the management office. The manager gasped and was shocked that a customer hadn't brought it to their attention before.

She said she would send one of her workers out there right away. And promised it would be fixed.

WBTV's Christine Nelson also spoke to the shopping center's corporate communications office. An official confirmed the parking spot in front of the handicap ramp will be "zebra-striped" on Friday, so cars can no longer block the ramp by parking there.

Problem solved!

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