Watching the tropics: Atlantic system likely becoming TD 8

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The boom or bust season continues in the tropics.  Since Tropical Depression 7 washed out in the Atlantic, it's been pretty quiet.  That could change as early as tonight.

The National Hurricane Center is watching a well-defined area of low pressure in the Central Atlantic.  This low is about 600 miles Southeast of Bermuda, an area that a typical breeding ground for tropical storms and hurricanes this time of year.  The showers and thunderstorms continue to become better organized, and will likely begin to rotate around a closed area of low pressure.  At this point, a tropical depression has formed.

If the system continues to strengthen and wind speeds around this low are at least 39 mph, the depression will be upgraded to a tropical storm and given a name: Gordon.

There is a high chance (90%) that this cluster of storms will become a tropical depression within the next 48 hours.  Chances are also high that this system will veer to the Northeast, avoiding the coastal U.S. altogether.