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Protesters gather at Mitt Romney fundraiser, give "checks" to donors


Mitt Romney is returned to Charlotte Wednesday for the second time in less than a week. The presumptive Republican nominee attended a private fundraiser at the Duke Mansion on Hermitage Road in Myers Park.

Protesters from Action North Carolina started to march at about 12:30 p.m. and had cleared by 2 p.m.

Romney arrived shortly afterwards.

Protesters told WBTV they are greeting the "rich attendees" of the fundraiser by handing them fake checks made out for $250,000. Action North Carolina said the fake checks "signify the average annual tax cut that Romney's tax plan would give his wealthy donors who make over $3 million a year.

Demonstrators contend that donors who give the maximum campaign contribution of $2,500 would get up to a 100 to 1 return on their investment if Romney is elected and implements his tax plan.

The fundraiser was a private event, and the media was not allowed inside. That's very different from Sunday, when Romney came to Mooresville with his newly-announced running-mate. Romney and Paul Ryan held a rally at the NASCAR Tech School.

Dennis Garrett is one of the demonstrators working with Action North Carolina.

"We're here to tell him that Medicaid matters for those that's less fortunate."

The Obama Campaign released the following statement about Romney's fundraising trip to Charlotte:

"The last time Mitt Romney visited with this many members of the NASCAR community, he mocked the hardworking fans, admitted he wasn't an ‘ardent fan' of the sport, and noted his numerous wealthy friends who are ‘team owners'."

"Today's closed door fundraising trip to Charlotte makes it perfectly clear that Romney is desperate to find a way to relate to North Carolinians, while maintaining his unwavering commitment to protect the wealthy few at the expense of the middle class.  This stands in stark contrast to what North Carolinians will see in a few weeks when supporters from across the state join together in Charlotte to hear President Obama outline his plan to move our nation forward and grow our economy from the middle out."

At the end of the day Wednesday, the Romney for President campaign released the following statement:

"Barack Obama just can't seem to get things done right; he cut over $700 billion from current seniors on Medicare to pay for Obamacare instead of fixing the economy. With North Carolina's unemployment rate the fifth highest in the country at 9.4%, it's clear that President Obama's plan has failed  to help struggling families and small business across North Carolina. With no record of accomplishment to run on, President Obama has resorted to a campaign of rage and division. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will give voters an honest debate, and a positive agenda for getting America back to work and back on track."

Supporters with Women for Mitt also showed up.

One of the backers in Charlotte is North Carolina House representative Ruth Samuelson.

She said,"We're gonna turn out that and make sure that he carries North Carolina." 

Both campaigns are focusing on North Carolina, a crucial swing state in the 2012 Presidential Election.

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