New technology to help CMPD during DNC

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Roof top cameras in Center City are a given, but this week CMPD is unveiling a new type of technology in the uptown area with safety in mind.
It's not sights, but rather sounds that local law enforcement agencies will be concerned with the DNC comes to town next month more specifically the sounds of gun shots.

From an internal memo obtained by WBTV, CMPD said the so called shot spotter technology would be on line starting August 13, and we've learned how it will be deployed.
Some sensors will be placed on uptown buildings.
Dispatchers will learn where and when the shots occurred, and what types of shots were fired

That memo also said that three to four sensors will be inside the I-277 loop.
Several weeks ago, city council approved the plan for the technology, and that's when deputy chief Harold Medlock defended the practice.

"It's another way for us to make sure that neighborhoods are protected," Medlock said.

While the technology has been used in other communities to track gun shots, the neighborhood that CMPD is interested in is Center City, and in their internal memo they mention the DNC.

A department spokesperson declined our request for an interview.

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