In search of a good DNC view

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Comedy Central is taking over Charlotte's Imaginon  theater for the Daily Show, and the bidding at the Epicenter so far has been won by MSNBC and CNN.

Finding the most desirable uptown views and venues has led out of town visitors to spots like Church Streets Packard Place.

That's where Bruce Clark runs a grassroots web site called the people, and he's expecting out of town clients to rent the building's roof with a view.

"Once they find out that we are located here in Packard Place five stories up with an amazing view of the stadium and our skyline behind us,"Clark said. "The phone has definitely been ringing off the hook."

Among the inquiries is

Staffers from the D.C. Based web site will take up space on the Fifth Floor.

Adam Hill is the Director Packard Place.

"It's  gonna be a hot bed of activity this location of Charlotte is gonna be fantastic."

Robert Krumbine of Center City Partners says most of the good views near Time Warner Cable Arena are long gone.

He says inquiries started a year and half ago, but it's not just these views that are in demand, but some uptown real estate may be used for the purposes of creative branding.

Krumbine told WBTV, " There are people out there just looking for a surface a place where they could project a logo or put up a banner fall within the guidelines. They're getting creative. We're very careful about advertising."

Accessability and navigating through the streets of Charlotte that week will clearly in the eyes of the beholder, but those in control of the real estate are hoping that the images of center city will leave lasting memories.

Workers at Packard Place take pride in their location.

"I would say this is one of the best views that's in town right now. It's accessible. It's extremely critical to provide the backdrop that's needed right now to convey the message of what's happening that week."

Sources have told us that Google will be setting up shop near Third and Church, and that Bloomberg News will take up space at Morehead and South Tryon for a convention staff of more than 100.

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