Prosthetic legs don't slow barber down

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - Jon Love was a professional barber years ago, until a blood disease ended up taking both his legs below the calfs.

He tried the same industry from a wheelchair but it didn't exactly work out.

So he found other work and he was fitted with prosthetic legs. When the economy took a nose-dive, Jon lost his job and was left looking work.

Then, Jon's mother asked him a question that would lead him to a new barber shop on Rock Hill. "What make's you happy?" is the question. Jon answered, "Cutting hair."

After several months of planning, The Love Shack is now up and running. Jon stands up most of the day but says instead of saying his feet hurt, he jokingly says, "My stumps hurt."

Jon hopes his story will inspire others but also hopes it might drive some business to his new shop. Running a small business is never easy, but with an attitude like Jon's, it's sure to be a success.