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Teacher hospitalized for copperhead bite

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A part-time college teacher is recovering in the hospital after a snake bit her on Thursday night.

Chiquita Boyd told WBTV she should be released from the Carolinas Medical Center-University Tuesday morning.

She said she was getting out of her car at her parents' home on Back Creek Church Road in northeast Charlotte when a copperhead bit her.

"All I remember is this excruciating pain," Boyd recalled. "I saw a snake and it was still coiled and it was like, still rising. So from that, I took off running, screaming into my parents house."

Boyd was taken to the hospital and given five rounds of anti-snake venom before her team of doctors were certain they had gotten it all.

She said she'll never forget what that pain felt like.

"It felt like it was in slow motion," she described. "A knife went through my foot and slowly pulled out of my foot. There were like, two piercing dots...and had like maybe this drop of blood oozing out of them."

The next several minutes were a blur, Boyd said.

"My mom, she said I started tearing off clothes," she said. "I was trying to do anything to cool off. I couldn't sit still."

That was their first mistake, said Boyd. Whenever you get bitten by a snake, you're supposed to keep calm and stay still.

"The more I move, the more the venom would move in my body," she said.

They also put ice on the bite - another mistake. Instead, you should make a tourniquet near the site of the bite.

Boyd learned, "you tie it real tight and sort of keep the venom where it is."

She also told WBTV that hospital employees told her because snake bites are rare in the area, the anti-snake venom she needed was not in stock and had to be ordered.

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