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Mitt Romney and newly announced Veep, Ryan, appear in NC

MOORESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Mitt Romney and his newly-picked running mate made an appearance in North Carolina on Sunday.

Romney and Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan stopped in Mooresville and attended an event at the NASCAR Tech Institute. Thousands of supporters chanted "go USA"!

The duo talked about creating more jobs and taking back the White House.

"We feel as your fellow citizens that we owe you a choice..a choice of two futures. We can either stay in the current path we are on - a nation in debt..a nation in doubt..a nation in despair..a nation with high unemployment or we can change this thing and get the nation on the right track," Ryan said.

Ryan, 42, is a seven-term congressman from Wisconsin. He helped shape a conservative budget plan to remake Medicare and cut trillions of dollars in federal spending.

Romney and Ryan arrived in North Carolina less than 12 hours after Romney named him as his choice for Vice President. 

The campaign plane landed at Wilson Air Center at Charlotte Douglas Airport.

Romney disembarked and eagerly shook hands with Charlotte supporters. Romney and Ryan are kicking off a bus tour in North Carolina and other key swing-states.

They stopped at the NASCAR Technical Institute on Byers Creek Road Sunday morning.

"We spent too much money...we spent money we didn't have. I think it's not just bad economics but immoral for us to pass on burdens to the next generation," Romney said.

"We need to get back to what America is about," Event goer Matthew Carty said.

Romney presented his plan on how he'll do that by focusing on 5 things, saying his plan will create 4 million jobs over 4 years.

" budget..and one more..we have to champion small business in this country," Romney said.

Winthrop political science professor Adolphus Belk, Jr. says the campaign must be careful about making promise this early in the campaign. 

"The conversation the Romney campaign wants to have is about the alleged failures this administration has had on turning the economy around..what the administration has tried to do since the Ryan VP candidacy has been rolled out is spending time defining him," Belk said.

As Romney and Ryan hit the road stumping in swing states, Democrats plan to follow with a tour of their own.

"Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are total birds of a feather when it comes to the economy. They are the go back team. They want to bring America back to what it was in the Bush-era when the economy was really, really bad," Mass. Rep. David Linsky said during a bus tour Saturday.

Belk says it's not unusual to see a party this energized after a VP announcement, but at the end of the day he says it's about the name at the top of the ticket.

Romney and Ryan rallied in High Point and will travel to Wisconsin for a rally there. Romney's son will stay behind campaign in the Raleigh area Monday. NASCAR CEO Brian France and his wife Amy will chair a fundraiser for him on Wednesday.

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