Police arrest woman accused of helping husband run meth labs

Police in Monroe arrested the wife of a meth suspect Wednesday. James Robinette, 49, is behind bars. Officers arrested him at the Relax Inn in Monroe Friday night.

Investigators say Robinette was running a meth lab in the parking lot of the motel on West Roosevelt. He is charged with distributing, manufacturing, and trafficking meth inside a car and inside a motel room.

"I could have been blown up. We all could have been blown up," said Steve Johnson, who was in the next motel room.

Police used surveillance to watch Robinette for the past few weeks. He was arrested in June, with his wife, Eva, for a meth lab at a Monroe condominium complex.

Robinette, a registered sex offender, could face up to 15 years in prison, if he is convicted on Friday's meth charges.

Wednesday, police tracked down Robinette's wife Eva and arrested her. She is accused of helping him run those meth labs.

Mrs. Robinette is charged with possession of precursor chemicals to produce meth, felony maintaining a dwelling to store controlled substances, conspiracy to manufacture meth, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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