Newcomer to Charlotte was shot dead in his own home

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A newcomer to Charlotte was shot dead in his own home for what police say is no apparent reason.

It happened late on a Tuesday night in May on Durham Lane.

The body of Rodney Robinson, 42-years old, was discovered after neighbors heard shots. At first, police couldn't find the source of the gunfire. Thirty minutes later, officers entered Robinson's small rental home and found him murdered.

Homicide Detective Michael Grande says although he's made some progress on solving the case, he needs help from the public to find the killer of a man described as having a big heart.

"Everything we've heard from him and people we've talked to, those close to him say he's a nice guy, was very friendly, would give you the shirt off his back."

Grande says Robinson moved from New York to take care of two adopted teenage boys.

"He came to Charlotte, basically because of two young men that were his sons. They were down here and he kind of acted as a father-- wanted to be down here, close to them."

They didn't live with one did....which makes solving this puzzle difficult.

"We'd love to hear from anybody who knew Mister Robinson, maybe knew of any issues he was having with anyone, if any."

Detective Grande says this was not a random act.

"We did have some reports of a vehicle that was seen in the area at the time this occurred-- any information about that would help us greatly."

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