Man arrested after rolling shootout through Charlotte

Police in Charlotte arrested a man Thursday afternoon after a shootout during a chase overnight.

Navoid Russell, 73, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, inflicting serious injury. He is also charged with shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Investigators told WBTV two repo men were in the process of hooking up a car along Barcliff Drive around 3:30 Thursday morning, when the owners of the car came out of the home.

Police told WBTV the men exchanged words, and the two truck drivers got into their truck and took off. The repossessed vehicle was attached.

Investigators said Russell and his grandson were the men who came out of the house, and they followed the repo men. CMPD told WBTV the suspects pulled out of a high-powered rifle, and began shooting at the tow truck drivers as they chased them down Billy Graham Parkway. During the chase, the repossessed vehicle became unhooked from the two truck, and fell off the back.

Officers told WBTV the suspects continued to chase the tow truck down to SouthPark Mall, even after the vehicle unhooked from the tow truck.

At some point during the chase, the driver of the repo truck was shot in the shoulder.

Police tracked down the suspect vehicle and it was pulled over along Old Pineville Road. Investigators told WBTV the rifle was recovered at the scene.

The tow truck kept going, finally stopping in the parking lot of the Walgreens on Morrison Boulevard.

Medic transported the driver, but police believe he should be okay.

CMPD said Russell's grandson has not been charged.

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