Local taxi companies could be shut out of DNC business

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)-Workers at Charlotte's Diamond Cab Company are facing both a professional dilemma and a past due deadline.

Here's the problem.

Vehicles in the fleet are missing mounted credit card device that's are mounted in the back seat.

Obaid Khan works as a dispatcher and feels that the company is playing by the rules.

"We ordered them two months ago, and they still haven't gotten here," Khan said.

Charlotte's new taxi cab ordinance went into effect last September, but the clause saying that vehicles for hire must have credit card readers didn't go on the books until this past July 1st, nearly five weeks ago.

Right now it's an issue of demand outdistancing supply.

Taxi drivers told WBTV that makers of the equipment can't get the devices here fast enough.

Albeno Maywell owns Professional Cab Company.

"I've built up this business for nearly five or six years. You don't want to get me at the last minute because of a credit card machine," he said. "It's hurting everybody. "

Kirk Young is the city's vehicle for hire manager.

He wouldn't talk specifically about convention concerns, but says his office is working with transportation companies that are out of compliance by granting extensions.

"I would say that everyone should be in compliance probably by the middle of the month," Young said.

Back at Diamond cab, workers worry about being cut out of the action during the first week of September.

Khan said, " We're trying our best to get them out before DNC, but for some drivers it looks doubtful."

The city isn't saying if extensions be granted during the convention.

Meanwhile, the fine for company is owners 200 dollars per car.

The city tells us tonight that all of the taxi companies that service the airport are in compliance with the new ordinance.

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