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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: It's About Time


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When Charlotte-Mecklenburg school teachers get their paychecks this month, they will find something they haven't seen in years --


A three percent one.

And we say it's about time.

CMS teachers have gone almost four years without a bump in pay.

Even without that raise, teachers still managed to get the job done.

Test scores are up in certain subjects.

And thanks to their hard work, CMS was named the top urban school district in the nation.

Teachers earned that raise, but they deserve more.

State lawmakers should find a way to catch all teachers up.

We've read the comments from people who say that since teachers work only nine months out the year they should not complain about their pay status.

But these days, teachers do more than just instruct.

Their also social workers, caretakers, and sometimes their even providers for students who don't have much.

Teachers are our unsung heroes and should be shown how much they are appreciated through a raise year after year.

North Carolina teacher pay is still ranked at the bottom throughout America.

That should change.

We know you won't get rich by becoming a teacher but they should be able to live comfortably.

If you think teachers should get another pay raise next year, write your state leaders and urge them to start to finding money now to fund teacher raises.

They shouldn't have to go another four years without a raise.

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