TWC adds WiFi hotspots all over town

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Convention visitors and Charlotte residents will have access to free WiFi uptown thanks to Time Warner Cable.

The company launched the initiative today as part of a two million dollar investment in the city's network infrastructure.

The DNC was the instigator here, but it will be a permanent upgrade.

The city will now have a network of more than 90 hotspots in uptown, South End, Myers Park and Dilworth.

The free access won't stick around forever, of course, but the drastically improved infrastructure will.

Time Warner Cable and Charlotte officials said today that the free access to WiFi will be available from August 27th through September 7th on mobile phones and laptops in uptown Charlotte and inside Time Warner Cable Arena.

Even after that, many Time Warner Cable customers who subscribe to its Internet service will continue to get free access.  Others will be able to purchase a pass for about $2.95 an hour.

And that's what Mayor Anthony Foxx was most excited about today - installing these WiFi access points on poles uptown and leaving them after the convention is part of a legacy of upgrades the convention will bring here.

"We have been trying to get WiFi access across our city," Foxx said, grinning. "And to have a partnership like this happen, for [Time Warner Cable] to invest resources to create the pathway for people to have the kind of connectivity that WiFi provides is a huge amenity to the city."

TWC is also the primary sponsor of the DNC's media kick-off party at the North Carolina Music Factory.