Tax-free weekend begins: Do you know the rules?

Good Friday morning! It's August 3. This is Christine Nelson. I'm sending you this quick email from my desk just to get you caught up on some of the stories we're talking about on WBTV News This Morning. We're on from 4:30-7:00 a.m. so tune in now!

The next three days are going to be busy for stores in North and South Carolina! Today, tomorrow and Sunday you can buy certain items tax-free! We're on your side with what you need to know before you buy. The rules and what items apply are pretty specific. Plus what if you want to return an item later, can a store charge you the sales tax then? Are there stores that can choose not to participate in the tax-free weekend? These are all question you need to know and we're on your side with the answers to that and more. WBTV's Cam Man Ron Lee breaks it down in live reports.

The Chick-fil-A controversy is not dead yet. Today it could be active again at multiple locations across the United States. That's because gay rights advocates are staging a rebuttal that will involve -- kissing. I'm putting together that report to explain it all.

Another controversy that has people talking in Charlotte. It involves a black-owned company's logo that is offending some in the black community. We'll show it to you and let you decide.

Storms hit our area with a bang last night. There was heavy rain, hail and lightning in some areas. We heard the call on the scanners about a huge house fire in south Charlotte that officials say could have been caused by the severe weather. We'll take you to what was an intense scene to get this fire under control.

So much to cover today. I hope you will tune in.

See you on the air!