Two-man cat burglar team on the loose

Crimestoppers: Pawn shop robbery

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A two-man cat burglar team is on the loose in Charlotte.

Surveillance pictures from the Pawn Mart on Albemarle road show a well-disguised man using an "L" shaped tool to pry through the double-glass front doors, then manipulate the wire until it flips the latch.

That man then disappears for an hour while the front door stays unlocked.

He returns in a gold Dodge minivan with another man wearing a black and white coat and hood. They walk right in the front door as the alarm sounds. One props open the door, the other starts looking around for things to steal.

"The alarm was activated, but they got in and out pretty quick," said Detective Marty Cuthbertson, "they got what they wanted."

They mostly wanted electronics and jewelry-- easy things to carry back to the van.

Video shows one of the men with a hammer bashing open a glass display case to get to watches and other jewels.

This was a major hit done by a pair of professionals. "Yes, a lot of property. They just went in and swooped up anything they could get their hands on."

Ironically, after this burglary, the same store was robbed again. This time, by a man wielding a baseball bat. He breaks out the glass in the front door, crawls through and steals similar items.

Police aren't sure if he's part of the same burglary ring or not.

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