See, Click, Fix: Company cleans up wires, see 'before' and 'after'

See, Click, Fix: Wires above ground Fixed

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - What a difference a See, Click, Fix phone call makes! A day after calling AT&T about unsightly cable wires strewn on the ground of a property in Charlotte, it is now fixed!

Gary on our See, Click, Fix page online writes: "Contract workers did not clean up mess! They uprooted a tree and left it for dead on site, a three foot hole in the ground, and did not bury ... cable boxes."

Cable lines and other equipment could be seen lying across the ground when we went to check it out on Glenwater Drive.

The utility lines definitely stuck out against the landscape.

Lines were hanging on the white picket fence. It did appear a tree was uprooted and never put back in place.

In the process of ruling out the company who just left this here we got through to AT&T.

An official told us these lines were damaged by a contractor not affiliated with them. They say the lines currently there is a temporary connection AT&T provided so the customer would not go without wireline voice, internet and cable services.

We have a solution to the problem: Since contacting them AT&T says its going to get this all fixed and cleaned up!

They sent WBTV's Christine Nelson an email a day after they were contacted saying, weather permitting, a crew should be there this weekend. They're going to make permanent repairs and bury the cable lines that are visible.

The company got a crew to bury the lines underground and there are no cable wires to speak of now.

Problem solved!

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