Local firm doubles reward for man killed over $20

Hello again friends, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 11:00PM—a puzzling case for police as a man working on his house in the middle of the day, is shot dead over $20.  Tonight, a local security firm has offered an additional $5,000 reward to find Matthew Hawkins' killer.  Our reporter David Spunt is talking exclusively with Hawkins' father about the senseless murder.

A student at NC State wants Chick-Fil-A kicked off campus.  He's started an online petition after the company owner made remarks about gay marriage.  Chick-Fil-A says it doesn't discriminate against anyone.

You may have heard about mothers who summon super human strength to lift a car off their child.  Tonight, we found a woman who found her father pinned under a car that had fallen off a jack.  She lifted the ton-and-a-half vehicle and saved his life.  Hear how she did it. 

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