See, Click, Fix: Update On Lyon Court

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Questions are being raised about just how much cleanup a homeowner is responsible for if they're cited for grass and weed violations.

A property on Lyon Court in east Charlotte has been cited numerous times for grass and weed violations.

City code says grass and weeds are required to be cut if they get more than 12 inches high.

Following our recent See, Click, Fix investigation the lawn did get mowed.  But neighbors asked why the bushes that are growing up around the house and over the windows weren't cut as well.

They say they property is an eyesore and are worried it might impact resale values in the neighborhood.

Well here's the bottom code regulates what is considered "ground coverage".

According to the city, it does not have jurisdiction over bushes or shrubbery unless they're interfering with the right of way or compromise the structural integrity of a home.

So simply because these bushes may constitute an eye sore to some doesn't mean they're in violation of city code.

I will add, vines that were growing up across the front porch have been cut back.

One other note here, I told you last week that this property is owned by Charlotte city councilman Warren Cooksey.

Mr. Cooksey sent me an email saying he was "sorry for not doing a better job regarding the house..."

Following that message I left phone messages and sent emails asking Mr. Cooksey if he'd care to go on camera to talk about the repeated violation notices and what he hopes to do in the future, but I've not yet gotten a response.