A mysterious killing in Chester, SC

Hello again friends, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 11:00PM—a mysterious killing in Chester, SC has local police piecing together what happened.  Michael Terry is the man who was found dead in the road after police were called to investigate a rape—the rape of a teenage girl who knew Terry well enough to go for a walk with him.  Police say he took her into the nearby woods, raped her, then she ran home and told her mother who called police.  When they arrived, they found him a half mile away, covered in blood with a shotgun shell nearby.  It probably won't take long to find out who provided the retribution.

Ten days after two sections of the roof caved in and flooded SouthPark Mall, another moment of angst for Mall management.  Construction crews doing maintenance, knocked some concrete debris loose which hit a car but didn't injure anyone.  It immediately harkened back to December of 2007 when a woman had a medical condition and drove into a retaining wall, causing one of the floors to fall and crush a couple cars below.

How's this for irony?  An air boat tour guide in the Florida Everglades was hand-feeding alligators to impress his clients.  But a gator was only impressed with the fish he was holding and chomped the man's hand off.  Now, the state has charged the air boat captain for illegally feeding alligators.

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