Carolina Camera - July 25, 2012

The latest episode of Carolina Camera aired on WBTV on July 25th.

Hosts John Carter and Christine Nelson share stories about interesting people, places, and things in the Carolinas.

You'll meet a talented group of South Carolina sisters and find out where the sounds of the ukulele can be heard in the Carolinas.

We'll take you to a street dance in North Carolina that draws hundreds of folks each week in the summer.

You'll learn about the art of dulcimer making from one of the premier dulcimer makers in North Carolina, meet a husband and wife beekeeper team making honey locally, and meet a Charlotte man who's climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 21 times.

Click on the video player to the right to watch the segments of the show.

In our July 25th episode of Carolina Camera, we mentioned we'd have a link to The Hinson Girls website on our website.  Here is that link: