Alleged victim confronts coach accused of sex crimes

Good afternoon Maureen O'Boyle here in the WBTV newsroom.

Surprising revelations in court in the sex abuse case against a well-known Charlotte area soccer coach.  According to statements in court, the alleged victim of Ralph Wager confronted Wager about the alleged abuse and recorded it on tape.  We'll have much more on the surprising turns today.

Some business leaders say the Utilities Commission investigation in Raleigh into the deal between Duke Energy and Progress Energy could hurt future businesses from coming to Charlotte.  Melissa Hankins is looking into an investigation that has some leaders puzzled.

Think your child is following the rules you set for the Internet?  Think again.  Surprising numbers show parents don't know the half of what their kids do online.  We've got good advice from our cyber expert Theresa Payton at five.

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