Teens skirting the rules online

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)- In a new study released from virus company McAfee, 70% of teens hide their online behavior very well from their parents.

With that,  73.5% of parents say they trust that their teens stay away from content that is not appropriate but 43% of teens look at online violence every day and 22.8% of parents say they are so overwhelmed, they just hope for the best.

Cyber expert Theresa Payton explains how your teens keep you from following their tracks and offers some advice:

The top 3 activities:

1.  Clearing the browser history when they are done surfing.

2.  Closing what they look at when the parent enters the room

3.  Hiding and deleting instant messages and videos

What else are they doing?

15% admit they have hacked into someone else's social media account.

32% of teens admitted they have accessed porn online on purpose

What can you do?

1.  Talk to your kids

2.  Be Where Your Kids are online

3.  Set parental controls

4. Obtain email and social network passwords

5.  Look into features and options from your mobile phone company for usage and tracking options

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