PSI: Neighbors confused by fight over their trash

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - It's not often people argue over your garbage, but it's happened to Jan Shevik.

"We moved here in March of 2006," said Shevik. "I love it."

She moved to a subdivision in north Mecklenburg County from frigid Minnesota. She had been paying Matrix Waste Management to haul away her trash, but a couple months ago she got a letter in the mail from Sharon Trash Services.

"(The letter said Sharon) had merged with Matrix," said Shevik.

It was seemingly no big deal, except Shevik had already paid Matrix to pickup through September.

"Originally they (Sharon Trash Services) was going to honor the last quarter of the service with Matrix," said Shevik.

But then a second letter arrived. It said the Matrix-Sharon deal had fallen apart. Shevik now owned the new trash company money. Confusion had taken over the neighborhood as both trash companies were claiming to be the provider.

"I have two (trash companies)," said Shevik. "I'm afraid not to have service so I paid them both."

Two trash companies and two bills. Matrix was showing up on Mondays, Sharon was picking up on Wednesdays.

"I said there's got to be someone who can cut through all of this," said Shevik.

She called WBTV's "Problem Solvers." Jay Wallace of Sharon Trash was more than willing to talk to us.

"Yeah, it's a big mess," said Wallace.

He showed us the buyout contract he says he signed with Matrix owner, Ed Anderson.

"It included a total of about 300 hundred houses in the Oakdale area," said Wallace.

Wallace would get the route and the trash bins. But Wallace says Matrix misrepresented the number of customers who had paid months in advance. He said he got a list from Anderson showing when those previous customer agreements expired. Most were in a few weeks.

"It didn't match up (with customer records)," said Wallace.

Wallace says his company paid Anderson half of the buy out price up front, but wasn't going to pay the rest because of the dispute.

On the Matrix trash day WBTV went looking for Anderson to get the Matrix side of the story. We thought we had found him. A WBTV producer asked if the man running the truck was the owner, Ed Anderson. The man said he worked for Matrix, but was not Anderson.

We took video we shot back to Wallace to ask him if it was indeed Anderson who we met.

"Yes, definitely is (him)," said Wallace.

Mike Stillwell confirmed it as well. He oversees the regulation of private trash haulers operating in Mecklenburg County. He says he doesn't know anything about the contract dispute, but he knows something about Matrix.

"Matrix waste was a permitted hauler in Mecklenburg County," said Stillwell, "But that permit expired June 30th 2011."

Anderson has been operating in Mecklenburg County illegally for the last year.

We again approached Anderson in an attempt to get comment.

"I don't want to talk to no one," said Anderson.

He wouldn't answer any questions about his permit, but the very next day he was trying to get one from the county.

"Mr. Anderson showed up to apply for a new permit," said Stillwell.

Stillwell says the request is under review, but right now he shouldn't be hauling in Mecklenburg County. As for Shevik, she has simple goals. One trash company and one bill.

"I just want my trash to got away," said Shevik.

Shevik says given all she now knows, she is going to solely use Sharon.

Wallace says Sharon will offer some discounts to help offset the cost for who paid Matrix in advance.

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