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Firefighter's stolen bagpipes replaced

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Almost 2 months ago, firefighter Joey Kline found his personal vehicle had been broken in to and his bagpipes gone.

"I felt like a piece of me was torn off. I was sick to my stomach," said Kline back in May.

Kline went on WBTV and almost begged for his bagpipes back, explaining that whoever stole them would have no use for them.The story made the rounds in social media and 2 weeks ago, a box came to Joey's house.

"I came home and there was a box on the counter, and inside the box was this set of bagpipes," Kline said. Inside was a note from a non-profit owner in Raleigh named "John". It simply wished Joey "all the best".

Joey got the new pipes just in time to play them at a memorial for 4 Charlotte airmen killed in a C-130 crash in Colorado earlier this month. "That's what I signed on for. For them to debut at a serviceperson's funeral, that meant the world to me," said Kline.

While police don't have many leads in the theft of Joey's bagpipes, Joey is now hoping to soon meet the man who replaced them. And tell him in person, "Thank you."


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