Mobile Apps to help Save on Back to School

Charlotte (WBTV) There was an audible groan at my house when the first 'back-to-school' ad aired.  I was the one grimacing!  If you're like me you're not ready.  And being organized is the first step to shopping!  This year consider your smart phone as  'classroom central'.  From deals on shoes, to tallying up how much you've spent so far, mobile phone apps can make the pressure of getting it all done, melt away!

I met Shea Gipson at Marshalls shopping with her nine year old Amira Amryin.  Amira loves clothing so much she started a blog called "Tween Fashionista".  On the web site she talks about clothing trends for young girls.  "I think if you're going to be a fashion designer you have to have a passion early on, and I do," Amira told me.

She gets her keen sense of fashion from her mom who owns the beauty trend business, Champaign Taste.  "I depend on my cell phone, it's my lifeline to clients," said Shea.  She uses it to keep in touch with people 24 hours a day.  But she also uses her smart phone to save!  She's become a huge fan of mobile apps.

I found her using two mobile apps at Marshalls.  ShopSavvy has been on her iPhone for years.  She always uses it.  The app lets you scan bar codes on items you're interested in buying and searches your area to see if you can find that product for a better price nearby or online.  We scanned an adorable pair of boots Amari bought.  "See right here, it's telling me that they are $69.99 online.   So I know I'm getting a good deal, because they're $29.99 here at Marshalls." 

"I think I fell asleep in a couple of math classes," Shea jokingly told me.  "I don't like to be in a store with a 45% off sale and have to calculate how much the item will be," she said.  She showed me Sale Saver on her phone.  The free app will calculate for you the cost of an item once the percentage is taken off original price.  "I love it because it does all the work for me."  It also help Shea keep track of how much she's spent so far.

With a frugal fashionista for a mom and a great sense of style, I have a feeling someday we'll see Amari's name in the label of some very fine clothing!