New information: Two state police chase suspect was already wanted by police

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We gathered new information overnight on that police chase on I-85 that ended with an explosion. Did you hear about it? WBTV's Kristen Hampton just put the finishing touches on her live report. She has more on the pipe bombs that had to be detonated... And found out another reason why this suspect was doing everything he can not get caught by police.

After giving up details in an interview with Fox News on the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman continues to make headlines this morning after bailing on a second interview with a media outlet.

Parents, listen up. Health officials say this is going to be the worst year in five decades for whooping cough! Nine children have died. We're on your side with the symptoms to look for in your children.

The movie of the summer debuted at midnight in Charlotte. We caught up with Batman fans who packed a local movie theater to catch the third film of the "Dark Knight" series!

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