A serial burglar hits 15 times in Charlotte

Hello again friends, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 11:00PM—a serial burglar in Charlotte has an unusual M.O.  He rides a bike, breaks open glass doors and has his way with restaurants, nail salons, a weight watchers and even a bakery.   He's robbed the bakery twice.  He's committed at least 15 such burglaries in an area from Park Road to South Boulevard to Old Pineville Road.  We've got exclusive pictures of this Hispanic man in action that police want you to see.

You've probably shopped at a farmer's market for local fruits and veggies.  They're popular and seem to be popping up everywhere.  But did you know about the phony farmers?  Experts tell us there are plenty of people putting on straw hats and pretending they're the farmers that grew the produce they're selling.  Our reporter Kristen Miranda even found that "just picked" sometimes means just picked off a truck.  Kristen's story airs at 11:00 tonight.

Apparently stripping naked is an act of free speech -- even if you ARE going through security at an airport.  An Oregon judge just ruled in the case of a man who took it all off after becoming angry during pat-down. 

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