What's the big airport concern during the DNC?

Hello again friends, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 11:00PM—what's the biggest concern at Charlotte Douglas Airport when the Democrats come to town for the convention in seven weeks?  It's not the planes.  There are no extra flights scheduled into Charlotte for the DNC.  It's not security.  Airport officials believe they've beefed up their policies and procedures already.  The biggest concern is getting visitors to and from the airport in cabs.   Will Charlotte's taxi fleet be ready?  We're looking into that question tonight.

A drone killed former Charlotte resident-turned-terrorist Samir Khan when he relocated to Yemen.  Now, Khan's parents are suing the US Government.  Tonight, Molly Grantham, who is the only journalist to ever question Khan about his ties to terrorism, has compiled a report on this lawsuit. 

If you haven't seen her, you should.  One of the world's smallest infants was born in Charlotte six months ago.  At birth, she weighed 9 ounces.  9 ounces!  That's slightly larger than a can of soda.  Today, she tips the scale at over 6 pounds.  And we've got the pictures of her homecoming from the hospital. 

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