New tool to catch delinquent tax violators

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -Mecklenburg Deputy Carl Shannon is on a fishing expedition in a local parking lot.

Getting a strike is a simple exercise in patience.

"I'm surprised we haven't got one yet," Shannon said.

He will hit pay dirt before the end of his shift.

A Cadillac at an uptown lot is part of the daily catch.

It's like thousands of other vehicles in Mecklenburg County.

This effort is directed at car owners that have failed to pay their annual tax bill.

The sheriff's office has two new specialized units that are complete with cameras.

Images are made of license tags in various places and the plates of car owners behind in their taxes trip the alarm.

A bright green sticker is left for the owner.

Sheriff Daniel "Chipp" Bailey announced the new effort on Monday morning.

"Initially what we're going to be doing here is focusing on the tax collection of people who are delinquent," he said.

Tax collector Neal Dixon claims local municipalities and the county are being short changed.

"Taxes due to the cities and the town in the county is right at nine million dollars," he said."

We took the bright green notice to the collection office and tax payers said it is indeed a wake up call.

That might be the reaction of car owners after the reminder left by Deputy Shannon,especially the owner of the Cadillac.

"The driver of this vehicle will definitely notice that it was there, "he said." They have two days from today's date to pay it in full or further action will be taken."

Further action could mean the car could be seized and later put up for auction.

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