PSI Wednesday: Trash talk confusion

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Jan Shevik moved to the Charlotte area from Minnesota in 2006.

"I love it here," said Shevik. "You can golf all winter."

But recently things in the neighborhood got a little complicated.

Shevik doesn't have one trash company.

"I have two," said Shevik.

Two trash companies and two payments. She, along with more than 80 other homeowners in her subdivision, have been caught up in some serious trash talk.

"It's been name calling back and forth," said Shevik.

It's a confusing fight no one in this unincorporated part of Mecklenburg County wants any part of and it's a trash war they don't really understand.

"I finally gave up and I said there's got to be someone who can cut through all of this and get an actual answer," said Shevik.

She called the WBTV "Problem Solvers."

"I don't know who owns my trash can," said Shevik. "I just want my trash to go away."

Watch a WBTV "Problem Solver Investigation" Wednesday night at 11.

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