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Couples: Facebook ruined marriages

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Millions of people connect across the world through the social media site, Facebook, but those connections are driving a wedge between many couples.

A third of all divorces are now blamed on Facebook.

A woman too embarrassed to identify herself said a quick peek at her husband's Facebook page revealed a whole other life and a handful of other women.

"I was shocked because I thought everything was great," the woman said.

"It's absolutely devastating, it rocks someone's world and I see it every week," Attorney Ann Carrozza said.

Carrozza said she has countless clients whose marriages have been ruined by social media.

"We're seeing emails and stories coming in every day," Craig Gross said.

Gross started a website called

The site is basically a place where you can go for help or community when it comes to people cheating on Facebook," Gross said.

Hundreds of people rattle off how Facebook changed their relationship status to divorced.

"It made me sick to my stomach," a Valley woman, who also asked to conceal her identity, said.

She said she was shocked when she snooped on her husband's Facebook page.

"It just couldn't believe it."

She found post after post of him making derogatory and threatening comments about her.

"It did give me a glimpse into him that I hadn't seen."

Ultimately, she filed for divorce, adding hers to 30 percent of failed marriages now blamed on Facebook.

Experts advise new couples to wait at least two weeks before friending one another. They recommend embracing that initial intrigue of a new relationship before digging through each other's timelines.

For long term couples, the experts recommend asking before posting about a partner and giving them a say in what's presented about them online.

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