See, Click, Fix UPDATE: Major fix to repair potholes

We paid multiple visits to these ominous potholes right at the entrance of customer parking of the post office on David Cox Road in Charlotte. (Click here to see original story.)

Unfortunately many cars see the potholes before drivers could and run right over them!

You contacted us about the problem and we, in turn, called the post office directly.

We were hopeful this problem would be fixed after WBTV's Christine Nelson received a voice message from Monica Robbs with the U.S. Post Office last month.

"Our facilities services offices located out of Greensboro did have personnel out there taking pictures and getting measurements of the potholes in preparation to fill them," said Robbs.

Since then gravel was pour to fill in the potholes. Concrete would be the next step.

But Carrie commented on our See, Click, Fix page at saying: "It is pretty obvious that the driveway needs to be re-surfaced to solve the problem, not just filled in [the potholes]."

That is exactly what the post office did. The whole driveway has been resurfaced making the ride much smoother than before.

So this case is now closed and the problem solved!

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