Olympians handle pressure with ease

The five Olympians from team SwimMAC Carolina are now training for the biggest moments in their lives.

Davis Tarwater, Nick Thoman, Cullen Jones, Kara Lynn Joyce and Micah Lawrence have left Charlotte .. for Knoxville, Tennessee .. and will train there for a few weeks. Then it's off to France briefly, and finally London.

At the Olympics you'd make the guess that athletes feel the most pressure. In cases like team USA, where the talent at trials is so deep, some actually feel less pressure when they take on the world.

Coach David Marsh says "the thresh-hold of becoming a USA Olympian, with all the competition and the moment, there is so much pressure that once you get passed that, you are liberated to be the best you can be".

First time Olympian and 200 breaststroke competitor, Micah Lawrence says "at the Olympics, not knowing my opponents, will actually put me at ease".

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