Inexpensive Mulch to Save Your Garden

Charlotte (WBTV)  This time of year garden experts will tell you to mulch your flower beds and trees to help retain moisture.  Mulch on your beds could make the difference between you plants living through these high temps or croaking in the heat.

Mulch in the bag can run you close to three dollars a pop at a big box store.  Most will cover two cubic feet, which is enough for the base of a medium size crepe myrtle.  But if you've got a lot of beds that need mulch consider Mecklenburg County's mulch, made from your old yard debris.  The mulch is shredded through a double process that results in very natural colored mulch.   It sells for a very reasonable price.

"We stay pretty busy, this is a three hundred ton per day facility. You can see some of our customers are municipalities, landscapers and homeowners," said Steve Hoffman, Operations Manager for Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Management.   They sell one cubic yard of mulch for 10 dollars.  To cover the same area you would need just a bit more than 13 bags.  If you've got a lot of yard to cover, the savings will really add up.

I met Dan Pasola who owns a remodeling company.  "I'm renovating a rental and I'm actually using the mulch to kind of dress things up," he told me as they filled his trailer with 5 cubic yards of mulch.  " Bags would be hundreds of dollars more I wouldn't even want to know but even going somewhere else it's a good 20-30 percent less coming here," Pasola told me.

But it's not only mulch you'll find at facilities like Compost Central.  They also sell compost for 23 dollar a cubic yard.  Jimmy Gee Baucom from Union County has been coming to Compost Central for 14 years.  "It's just good rich stuff I don't know what they add to it and it isn't my business as long as it's good," he told me.  It is made up of your yard clippings, grass cuttings, trimmed shrubbery and old leaves.  It takes about seven months for it to be ready, depending on the weather.  Hoffman told me they turn the compost piles a few times during the process.

They make deliveries up to 15 cubic yards for an additional 60 dollar delivery fee.