Power restored after crews replace a rotten utility pole

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The power is back on after a rotten pole forced repair crews to cut electricity to thousands in south Charlotte.

There was no relief from the night as thousands of people found themselves without power in the Starmount neighborhood early Friday morning.

Duke Energy sent out an automated phone call to about five thousand people, saying one of the main power poles located on South Boulevard near Arrowood Drive had to be replaced.

They said normally, they would wait until it was cooler outside so folks could continue to use their air conditioning, but this was a different situation.

A representative from Duke Energy told us the pole was so rotten, they were afraid it would topple over.

If the pole would have fallen, that would mean the power would be out for thousands more.

But some people who found themselves in the dark overnight, weren't very happy with the prospect.

Several people who live in the area called into the WBTV newsroom, said they had children, and were worried how the lack of electricity would affect them during the hot and humid night.

Crews began the work to put up the new power pole, and restring all the lines around 11pm Thursday, and were able to wrap up repairs just before 5am Friday.

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