CMPD Fourth of July plan has DNC twist

CHARLOTTE,NC -(WBTV) When CMPD announced its security plan for the Fourth of July, it didn't come with specifics.

Deputy Chief Harold Medlock expects their holiday plan to be a preview of coming attractions.

"It's based on past occurrences. What we anticipate as issues or problems and the number of people, "He said." The simple fact is, we will not stop preparing for the next event."

Wednesday night's exercise on these public streets will provide officers with one last big dress rehearsal two months out from the Democratic National Convention.

Organizations with ties to September's festivities welcome the drill.

Robert Krumbine  is event planner with Center City Partners.

" It's a good practice run I know for police and public safety officials.

Honestly, I think we're ready. I think this city knows how to handle these large crowds," Krumbine said.

Victor Werany plans to relocate his hot dog stand away from Tryon Street once the fan fare starts in September.

"We're in the hot zone," he said." This is where it's gonna happen. It ain't gonna be easy, but we're looking forward to it."

It is that kind of anticipation that makes Wednesday's fireworks so important.

"Some of the things that we'll be doing tomorrow night and the afternoon and into Thursday again are helping us refine some of things that we'll be doing during the DNC," Medlock said.

CMPD did not release the number of officers that it will have on the street.

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