Slots still available for DNC protestors

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - With names like North Carolina Heat, Raleigh Fist and Occupy NCSU, the pecking order of demonstrators has been established the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

For such a highly publicized protest event with national implications the interest appeared to be lackluster.

16 individuals and organizations applied for parade permits, and 25 made requests to be on the daily speaker's program.

Emily Cantrell is overseeing the application process for the City of Charlotte.

Cantrell said, "Quite honestly, we didn't know what to expect. So I am happy that all applicants were able to receive time slots."

Keeping score was a bit of an easy task for those in this small audience, because this was a lottery where there didn't seem to be any losers.

Many here just worry about their messages being heard.

Michael Zytkow was part of the occupy Charlotte group that took up space outside the old city hall.

"We don't know where these free speech zones are gonna be located," he said. "The parade routes is more of a march through parking lots. It's not within sight and sound of the convention."

His group got a time slot, but he feels the actions demonstrators will have little if any impact on public policy once the festivities begin.

The city of Charlotte has yet to hear from Right to Life protestor Reverend Jerry Mahoney from Washington D.C.

He has threatened the city with a law suit.

It turns out he never applied for a permit, but the minister still has chance since the city is allowing groups to sign up as long as space is available.

"They have until August 24th," Cantrell said.

Available slots will be handled on a first come first serve basis.

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