PSI Monday: What happened to the 'House of Hope?'

LINCOLNTON, NC (WBTV) - It's a story that began last December. A national reality show rolled in Lincolnton. A family got the surprise of a lifetime.

They got a brand new home and the keys to a new store designed to give some hope to others in need.

The lights and limos left and what has followed is confusion.

People started asking WBTV's "Problem Solvers" to find out why "The House of Hope" hadn't been opening its doors to the public.

"I've never seen them open," said a man walking by the storefront.

We watched "The House of Hope." Stopping by several times between February and July. We never found it open.

What happened to the cause that brought so many volunteers together?

It's a "Problem Solver Investigation" Monday night at 11:00.

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